Monday, 7 August 2017

Participant List


Youth class (13 years & below) 

1 Muhammad Aslam, Pandeshwara ,Mangalore -2 Frames
2 Apeksha Shet, Warehouse road, Mangalore- 1 Frame
3 K Ranganath Shreedhar Pai, S/o Dr KSR Pai ,Manipal -2 Frames
4 Devansh Jain ,MRPL Township, Katipalla ,Mangalore -1 Frame
5 Ira Jain ,C/o Animesh Jain Dept Community Medicine, KMC, Mangalore- 1 Frame
6 Keith Mark Fernandes, Mangalore- 2 Frames
7 Sanketh D Nayak ,Mangalore- 1 Frame
8 Aryan P Shet ,Mangalore- 1 Frame

Youth class ( 14-19 years) 

1 Parvathy Vivek ,KMC, Manipal- 2 Frames
2 K Maya S Pai, Vidyarathna Nagar, Manipal- 3 Frames
3 Sanketh D Nayak ,St. Aloysius English Medium School ,Urva ,Mangalore- 1 Frame
4 Saagarika Kumar, Manipal -1Frame
5 Pranav Rao ,Udupi- 1 Frame
6 Shreya K ,Udupi -1Frame
7 Lester Cavan Lobo ,Mangalore- 1 Frame
8 Rayan Fernandes ,Mangalore- 2 Frames
9 Gawyn Jude Pinto, Manglore -1Frame 

Country collection (P.2.1) 

1 Vaishnavi Rao, Manglore -4 Frames
2 Baikady Srinivas Rao, Mangalore -5 Frames
3 Jacqueline Jane D’Sa, Udupi -5 Frames 
4 Markad Prabhakar Kamath Mangalore -3 Frames
5 Santhosh V Prabu Mnagalore -3 Frames
6 Usha Sreedhara Pai Maanipal -5 Frames

Postal Stationary (P.2. 2) 

1 Gurudath Kamath M- 3 Frames
2 Dr Ranjan -3 Frames
3 Mythili Rao -3 Frames
4 Prashanth Shet -3 Frames
5 Dr Ratheesh Udupa, Kinigoli -2 Frames
6 Anusha Rencil Monterio ,Brahmavar- 1 Frame
7 Anusha Rencil Monterio, Brahmavar -1 Frame

Thematic (P.2.4) 

1 Abdul Rasak VM ,Mangalore -3 Frames
2 Jane D’Souza ,Mangalore -4 Frames
3 Dr. Annamma Kurien ,Manipal -3 Frames
4 Dr. Annamma Kurien ,Manipal -3 Frames
5 Harriet Lasrado, Mangalore -4 Frames
6 Sadananda Naravi ,Moodabidri -3 Frames
7 Joseph Thomas M ,Manipal -3 Frames
8 Vaishnavi Rao ,Mangalore -5 Frames
9 Melwin Colman Rego ,Udupi -3 Frames
10 Dr Flora D Lobo Falnir ,Mangalore -2 Frames
11 Sathyashree Rao B ,Mangalore- 2 Frames
12 Sandeep ,Byrampally -2 Frames
13 Dr Ratheesh Udupa ,Kinnigoli -2 Frames
14 Santhosh V Prabhu ,Mangalore -3  Frames
15 Vishwanath Kamath ,Udupi -5 Frames

One frame (P.2.5)  

1 Atul Prabu P ,Mannagudde ,Mangalore 
2 Nishanth ,Mangalore  
3 Dhanajay Nayak M ,Kavoor, Manglore 
4 Animesh Jain KMC , Mangalore
5 Norbert Rego ,Mangalore 
6 Padma R Shet ,Mangalore 
7 Radhika Shet, Mangalore 
8 Steffi Jenifer Quadras ,Manipal 
9 Nishanth B Bhat, Manipal 
10 Dr Ramprasad VP, Manipal 
11 Dr. K Ratheesh Udupa Kinnigoli 
12 A Nagendra Nayak, Udupi 
13 A Nagendra Nayak ,Udupi 
14 Rosy D Montheiro, Bhramavara 
15 Mansoor Husain B, Mangalore 
16 Ashalatha kamath  
17 Ashish Parthasarathy 
18 NS Suresh Shet  

School Collection (P.3) 

1 St. Aloysius High School Mangalore 3 Frames


Youth Class (N1) 

1 K Maya S Pai ,Manipal -3 Tables
2 K Ranganath Sreedhar Pai, Manipal- 2 Tables
3 A Siddharth Nayak ,Udupi -3 Tables
4 Saiesh SK Mangalore- 1 Table
5 Prathamesh D Nayak ,Mangalore -1 Table 
6 Gawyn JudePinto, Mangalore -1 Table
7 Mevin L Quadros, Mangalore- 1 Table
8 Sanketh D Nayak, Mangalore -2 Tables
9 Lester Caevan Lobo, Mangalore -1 Table
10 Ron J Devas Mangalore -1 Table

Senior Class (N2)

1 Royden Rahul Suares, MRPL Colony, Mangalore- 4 Tables
2 Markad Prabhakar Kamath, Mangalore-4 Tables
3 Shankar Shettigar, Manipal -3 Tables
4 Dr. Ranjith Das, Manipal-4 Tables
5 Clifford Melroy Amanna, Katpadi -4 Tables
6 Jibin Jacob John, Udupi -2 Tables 
7 N S Suresh Shet ,Mangalore -3 Tables
8 Vasudev Shenoy, Mangalore- 2 Tables

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Special Covers to be launched on Tulunadpex2017

1. Special over featuring Tulunad culture with Chinnamane (Local board game) cancellation
2. Special cover featuring local delicacies with Kotte (Local delicacy) cancellation.
3. Special Cover on 60th Anniversary of Vaikunta College of Law, Udupi
4. Special Cover on Sharada Residential School, Udupi
5. Special Cover on Pailoor Laxminaryana Rao, an eminent philatelist of Tulunad.
6. Special Cover on Corporation Bank with cancellation depicting coin museum.
7. Launch of permanent pictorial cancellation at Kaup Post office, depicting Kaup Light House. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Application Form


Tulunadpex 2017 
 (Stamps and Coins exhibition) 

Regional level Exhibition 

(Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts)  
 19th and 20th August 2017 


Organised By: Manipal University Philatelic and Numismatics Club and Dakshina Kannada Philatelic and Numismatic Association 

Venue Dr. T M A Pai Hall, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal – 576 104 

Visit us at : 

Manipal University Philatelic and Numismatics Club (MUPNC) along with Dakshina Kannada Philatelic and Numismatic Association (DAKAPANA) are pleased to inform that, they are organizing TULUNADPEX-2017, a Regional level Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition in the twin districts Dakshina Kannada and Udupi. 

The aim and objective of the exhibition are to promote philately and numismatics and create awareness about educational and cultural values of Stamps and Coins among public, youth and school children. 

The Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition will be held at Dr. T M A Pai Hall, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal th th University, Manipal on 19 and 20 August 2017 (2 days) from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The exhibition will showcase Philatelic and Numismatic collections of eminent Philatelists and Numismatists, as well as youth, school children of the twin districts. This exhibition will have two sections viz., Invitee Section and Competitive section. The exhibits will be judged as per the rules and regulations described hereunder. The organizers of TULUNADPEX 2017 reserve the right to add, alter and/or amend the Rules & Regulations, if necessary. The decision of the organizers of TULUNADPEX 2017 on all matters is final and binding on the participants.

SPECIAL COVERS: Special covers will be released on both days of Exhibition.

OTHER INFORMATION: Besides the Philatelic and Numismatic displays, the Organizing committee at its discretion will organize various competitions such as Philatelic and Numismatic Quiz, Design a poster and Collage during the days of the Exhibition.

OFFICE: TULUNADPEX 2017 is functioning at the following address:
Tulunadpex – 2017 C/o Directorate of Student Affairs, 
Manipal University, 
Manipal 576 104

 e-mail : 

1. Participation is restricted to general public, youth and school children from Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts.
2. Number of entries is restricted to two per person in different categories or four per family, on a first come first served basis. Exhibitor should apply in prescribed entry form. Separate entry form should be used for each section and category.
3. Each exhibit should be entered in his/her correct section and category. Organizing Committee has the discretion to transfer any exhibit incorrectly entered to correct section and category.
4. Exhibits that have won awards a State level or above are not allowed participate in Competitive Section.
5. The whole exhibit must be the bonafied property of the exhibitor, and the signing of the entry form is deemed to be an implied declaration to this effect and to the acceptance of the General rules.
6. Entry forms duly filled in will have to reach the Secretary,
C/o Directorate of Student Affairs,
Manipal  University ,
Manipal – 576 104 on or before 20th July 2017.
7. Frame size (Philately) : There will be approximately 200 frames of modern size. The frames will be adequately secured and tightened. Each of the standard frames will measure 129 cms high and 98.5 cms wide holding 16 standard size album pages (22cms x 29cms)
8. Table size (Numismatics) : Size of the table will be 2feet x 2.6Feet. The album sheet should be arranged according to the size of the table allotted.
9. Fees: Entry fee is applicable for competitive class. For seniors, the entry fee per frame for Philately is Rs.200/- and for Numismatics Rs.100/- per table. There will be no fees for juniors and school collection.
10. Classification of exhibit and allotment of frames:

Group A: Invitee class (Distinguished Philatelists and Numismatists will be invited by the organiser to exhibit their valuable collection to make Tulunadpex - 2017 colourful)

Group B: Competitive Class The competitive class (Philately) will be divided into:
Youth Class (Class P1)
P1.1 - Age 13 and below                            1-2 Frames will be allotted
P1.2 - Age 14-19                                        1-3 Frames will be allotted

Senior Class (Class P2)
P2.1 - Country Collection                         3-5 Frames will be allotted
P2.2 - Postal Stationary                             3-5 Frames will be allotted
P2.3 - Maximum Card Collection             3-5 Frames will be allotted
P2.4 - Thematic                                         3-5 Frames will be allotted
P2.5 - One frame Collection
School Collection  (Class P3)                    1-2 Frames will be allotted

The competitive class (Numismatics) will be divided into:
 Youth Class (Class N1)
N1.1 - Age 13 and below                          2 Tables will be allotted
N1.2 - Age 14-19                                      2-3 Tables will be allotted

Senior Class (Class N2)                            4 Tables will be allotted

11. Entries will be accepted subject to the availability of space. Acceptance of the entries will be intimated to the applicants soon after the last date of receipt of entry form. On receipt of allotment letter, the prescribed entry fee will have to be remitted in the form of demand draft in favour of

Manipal University Conference /workshop 
payable at Manipal to
Secretary, Tulunadpex - 2017,
C/o Directorate of Student Affairs,
Manipal University,
 Manipal 576 104.
 The fee once paid will not be refunded at any condition.

12. All philatelic exhibits for the competition or display must be mounted on the album sheets of required size (see Clause 7). Each album sheet should be kept inside a protective transparent cover duly closed. No exhibit should have name or identification mark of the owner on front of the page; however it should be written on the back of the page.

13. All numismatic exhibits for the competition or display should be kept inside a protective transparent cover duly closed (Size see Clause 8). No exhibit should have name or identification mark of the owner on front of the chart; however it should be written on the back of the chart. Currency notes cannot be exhibited.

14. Exhibit will be received by Secretary, Tulunadpex - 2017 C/o Directorate of Student Affairs, Manipal University, Manipal 576 104.  The last date to receive exhibit by post is 20th July, 2017, those who  desire to deliver the exhibits in person can do so by 18th August 2017. All exhibits should be accompanied by the Inventory sheet in duplicate showing the particulars of the contents of each album sheet. Coin  exhibits will be received only by hand delivery on 18th August 2017.

15. Exhibits can be collected back from 7 pm onwards on 20th August 2017. If not collected personally, it can be sent by speed/registered post.

16. The organisers of the exhibition will not be responsible for any loss or damage to an exhibit arising out of any cause beyond their control.

17. Adequate security arrangement will be made on all the days of the exhibition.

18. Constitution and Power of the Jury: The Jury, consisting of two or more judges will have privilege to consult independent opinion, amateur or professional. It shall also have the power to withhold any award when in its opinion an entry has not confirmed with the exhibition standard, or for any other reason. a. The Jury will be requested to base its awards on consideration of the following qualification:
i. Treatment
ii. Knowledge, study and research
iii. Conditions and rarity
iv. Arrangement and neatness of presentation
b. The Jury will present report and list of awards to the organizers.
The decision of the Jury in all cases will be final.

19. Amendment of Rules:The organisers reserve rights to add, alter or amend these rules and alter the grouping and classification should it be necessary.

 20. The decision of the organizers on all questions other than Jury decisions that may arise concerning the exhibition shall be final and binding.

 21. Awards: The organisers will place at the disposal of the Jury a sufficient number of prizes. A certificate of participation will be awarded to all the participants.
 a. Awards will be:
      i. Gold
      ii. Silver
      iii. Bronze
      iv. Diploma (for Junior Class only)
      v. Best Exhibit – Senior
      vi. Best Exhibit – Junior

b. Special Awards (Philately):
      i. Best Nature Exhibit – Senior
      ii. Best Nature Exhibit – Junior
     iii. Best Country Collection

 c. Special Awards (Numismatics):
      i. Best Coin Display – Senior
      ii. Best Coin Display - Junior

Booths for dealers will be available at the exhibition premises on a fee of Rs.5000/- per booth for the full duration of the exhibition. ·
Dealers have to send the entry form to the Organising committee on or before July 20, 2017 with Booth fees remitted in the form of demand draft in favour of Manipal University Conference/Workshop payable at Manipal to

Tulunadpex - 2017,
C/o Directorate of Student Affairs,
 Manipal University,
Manipal 576 104.

The fee will not be refunded at any condition. ·
Each dealer will be provided with three tables and three chairs and food for two days.
There will be no other facilities to the dealers. · No facility will be provided if extra person accompanies a dealer. · There will be no negotiation on dealer's fees and facilities provided.

For further information contact:
Mr. Vishwesh K (Organising Secretary) : + 91 9900412603
Mr. Prabhakar Kamath (Mangalore) : +91 9901142178
Mr. M K Krishnayya (Udupi) : +91 9945271614
Mr. Jayaprakash M Rao (Udupi) : +91 8660599500
Mr. Daniel Monteiro (Bramavara) : +91 9945025730
Dr. Ramprasad V(Manipal) : +91 9845100424
Mr. Sridhar K (Suratkal) : +91 9901188536
Mr. Nagendra Nayak (Udupi) : +91 9972902512
Mr. Mansoor Hussain B (Mangalore) : +91 9945155015
Ms. Steffi Jenifer Quadras (Manipal) : +91 7259606728

Important Dates For TulunadPex2017

1.Last date for receipt of Entry Forms                               20-July-2017
2.Notification for acceptance of entries                             30-July-2017
3.Last date for receipt of Entry Fee                                   14-Aug-2017
4.Last date for receipt of Philatelic Exhibits (By Post)        14-Aug-2017
5.Last date for receipt of Philatelic Exhibits (In Person)     18-Aug-2017
6.Last date for receipt of Coin Exhibits (In Person)           18-Aug-2017
7.Return of Exhibits                                                          25-Aug-2017